How to stop time. Different problems – Different solutions

How to stop time. Different problems – Different solutions

“Skin’s, as well as the whole body’s aging process is inevitable” – says dermatologist Doctor Ruta Ganceviciene. Even though, she claims that there are many effective and safe modern beauty therapy techniques which can not only reduce the marks of age, but also slow down this inevitable process.

What can we do to stop this process?

As we get older our body and skin is aging, however this process is accelerated by the sun, environmental pollution, smoking, stress, illness. The inner skin aging cannot be affected, but external depends only on us. A skin care plays a large part. And there is no need to wait – facial skin is slowly begins to age when “maturity” period is reached, from twenty years old, although these small changes are barely invisible.

The first aging signs are already visible around thirties due to the sun, regular expressions, stress and naturally decreased amount of collagen and elastin in our skin, small wrinkles around the eyes occur, smooth skin around the eyes gets thinner and skin starts changing color. Finally, it’s better to listen to a doctor’s advice or look at your mother – it might show what skin condition you might have in the future and maybe minimize the aging damages.

When cream is not enough

The epidermis or skin barrier could be beautified with creams. However, creams affect only the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, they can’t influence the production of collagen or in particular elastin synthesis. Dr. Ganceviciene notes that this requires tools that can get deeper under the skin. If a mimic wrinkles such as “anger” wrinkle between the eyebrows, the horizontal forehead, laugh wrinkles about the eyes and the vertical wrinkles around the mouth are noticeable – a botulinum toxin might help. Wrinkles are formed because of the muscles who are overstretched while the botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles. Once a muscle is relaxed, it can’t shrivel so a wrinkle can’t get deeper. The doctor also highlights that this product is made for facial wrinkles and needs be dosed precisely so face does not look unnatural.

Why the skin ages?

Aging processes takes place in each layer of facial skin and these have an influence on skin’s color, texture, elasticity and many other signs of already passed time. One of these processes is hyaluronic acid, which is important for the skin’s moisture maintenance and retention, however it declines over the years. Dr. R. Ganceviciene explains: “Studies have shown that this material is also very actively involved in collagen production. The collagen is responsible for skin’s elasticity. Interestingly, hyaluronic acid and its joining particles in preparations for wrinkles are not only physical support for the skin: around these new collagen is formed, which is replacing the old faulty one and thus changes the skin quality and slows down the aging process.

Hyaluronic acid is recommended to adjust wrinkles in different depth. The doctor notes that the results, operation time, and duration of treatments depend on age, how deep are wrinkles, skin condition, the injection technique and, of course, selected product. Special deep-acting products can even help to shape contours of the face.