Individual orthopaedic shoe-inserts

Individual orthopaedic shoe-inserts correct your posture and help to get rid of many ailments. The inserts distribute the lad of the foot evenly, prevent unnecessary exertion during training sessions, reduce spinal pain, protect your feet from pain and feet fatigue, nagging aches and tension, help to prevent joint deformities, protect ankles from swelling and pain.

Orthopaedic inserts for sport are recommended when you train as they distribute the load evenly and protect the feet form undue exertion during training. The materials for sport inserts have buffer internals.

Soft inserts help those who are suffering from calluses and pain. This type of inserts is recommended for diabetic patients as they adapt to the shape of the foot and prevents friction. In addition, they spread the load and reduce it from the pressure points, and reduce pain

Hard inserts maintain the correct position of the foot arches, reduce pain in the feet and help to distribute the load evenly. At the same time they reduce the overstressed tendons or the pain of metatarsal.

Shoe-inserts for children are recommended during the foot formation period. They can also be used to correct congenital deformation and splayfoot.

Shoe -inserts are made individually for each customer.