Ear Surgery

Protruded ears could cause serious psychological problems especially for a schoolchild. Protruding ears bother a child; he/she becomes object of the bullying or harassment of his/her classmates.

Ear surgery is a cosmetic surgery which could reduce protrusion.

It is most commonly performed on infants and children; however adults could either become patients. The best results could be achieved with preschool children (~6-7 years) because their ears have reached full size, but the cartilage is much more pliable than in adults and could be easily corrected. It shall be noted that the aforesaid age is the best for surgery due to psychological aspects – ears are corrected before the first time in school.

The ear looks protruded when the ears project more than 15-20 mm from the temporomastoid plane of the skull. This problem could be resolved only surgically during ear cosmetic surgery.

This surgery is successfully done under local anaesthesia, however, in exceptional cases, general anaesthesia could be applied.


When the local anaesthesia is used during the surgery the anaesthetic infiltration is done to the area behind the ear using the needle-syringe. Usually adrenaline is being injected along with local anaesthetics in order to blood vessels and minimise the risk of bleeding during the surgery and after it. After the infiltration surgeon will remove a small amount of soft tissues (skin and subcutis) and fat at the back of your ear, weaken the cartilage using special appliance in order to increase its pliability. Then the surgeon will shape the ear with non- dissolvable stiches. The cut itself could be closed both with dissolvable and non- dissolvable stiches.

You head after the surgery will be bandaged, later bandage could be replaced with a headband-type dressing to depress the ears and protect them against environmental impact. Surgeon may want you to wear compression bandage (elastic bandage or a headband-type dressing) for up to four weeks (at day and night), and later up to 2 weeks only at night or doing sports, going outside or other intense activity.